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About Me


My name is Modesty Jackie Sofronenkoff, half Russian & half Swedish.m

I am self-employed multi creative cultural worker.
My company MJS Art & Music sell my art, our musical performances, workshops and course arrangements.

I photograph both analog and digital.
Nature, people, feelings, smells, situations are my inspiration ... well,almost everything!!!

As bassist,Guitarist,violinist and singer, I have also freelanced.
Also write my own songs.

My partner and I have a recording studio, where we record our albums – Studio out of control.


Some music projects:

Network (my own music)
Woodmans (mitt coverband)
Hangrov (Alien folkdance)

I have my own studio where I paint and sculpt.
I arrange evening classes in life drawing , twice weekly,
and ”Little Art School”, for children & youth.
I have exhibited both nationally and internationally.
Click here to see the exhibit list.